I moved from Ghost to Jigsaw.

Karolis Ščerbiakas • September 17, 2020

jigsaw ghost

Recently I decided to swtich from Ghost ghost blogging engine to static site generator Jigsaw.


Well, Ghost is all nice and good, but I got bored and wanted to try something new, it is great for people who are not technical. Don’t get me wrong. I do like those things too, but once I came a across Jigsaw, I felt the urge to try it out. It was quite easy to get going. Since I am a developer and familiar with Laravel. It offers Blade templating engine, although I used website template offered out of the box and adjusted colors a bit and didn't have to do much to make it look nice.
Just like Ghost it uses Markdown, but for some reason writing blog post from my favorite IDE seems way natural for me and more #developery thing to do. I was always interested in static website generators and hosting on the cloud like AWS or GCP. Since my blog/website didn’t require javascript magic, I can just shove this website into bucket on the cloud and call it a day. Once feature that I very like which isn't obvious before one starts using static site generator is the ability to check your content into git. I totally can see how Jigaw can be used to build very interesting projects.
The other nice feature of Jigsaw is what static site generators share by nature is page loading speed. From google page analysis score with setup out of the box I've got 99 points on desktop and around 94 on mobile. I'd say impressive. And no heavy caching except for cache-control header I added to my web server config.
Currently, I am running my servers on Laravel forge, but I started to shift my focus from server management to more container serverless environments like Cloud Run and serverless functions Cloud Functions. So yeah, Jigsaw looks nice. I am sure I will write more about it, because it feels quite simple and easy to pickup even without digging through docs too much!

Have a nice day!