May 3, 2020

NestJS, TypeORM and MySQL

I have been using Nest with MySQL. As ORM I used TypeORM for every project. Definitely I've hit some road blocks on TypeORM and MySQL. I think TypeORM is the best choice for ORM in node as of now,...


March 3, 2020

NestJS is it worth it?

The folder structure in Nest is heavily based/and inspired by Angular If you're a fan of strongly typed languages you will appreciate its built with Typescript It's fast Annotation-driven...


February 29, 2020

NestJS validation constraints

If you're coming from Laravel, you're probably used to simple validation rules that ease developers life with confirmed rule. On NestJs there is no such rules. On top of that to make NesJs more...


February 14, 2020

PHP find array key recursively

Today I had an issue where I needed to find a key in multidimensional array. It took trial and error ant some googling around, but this is what I found. Probably will come handy in the future. No...